I love everything about it, it won't kill you. It was so fun than it is worth said my inner thighs will never be the same.  It is the most fun you can have with your clothes on GO AND TRY IT!!


I loved the 30 day 'NEW YEAR NEW YOU' challenge and commitment to better myself. I'm feeling stronger after every class and have enjoyed all the different types of classes, so much so, I signed up for the unlimited pass half way through the challenge. 


Over the years, I have tried just about every single exercise - yoga, pilates, running, weights, private trainers - and nothing has made the difference in my health, my energy, my shape, like Barre Fitness. The classes incorporate core strength and posture. The instructors are professional and fun, the staff is welcoming, the hour flies by... Seriously the best total body workout ever! Barre Fitness is far and away the best 'Woman's Gym' barre none! 

The Back to Barre Fitness Challenge gave me the perfect push in the right direction! I really kicked it up a notch in preparation for my wedding. Thank you Barre for the confidence I now have in my body!!

The ' New Year New You' 30 day Challenge helped me be determined to fit more classes into my schedule.. it also helped me get more compliments too!


My Husband can't keep his hands off me. He tells me I look svelte


I started Barre Fitness in March, 2010 and signed up immediately for the 12 week challenge... my flexibility and strength improved immediately. I found that Barre Fitness was a very good compliment to running and Pilates, and increased my energy level. In September I asked Michele to measure me... I was shocked by the numbers: 25" lost (since March). The best part was losing inches from areas that I have found to be challenging since I can remember. The shape of my body has changed and I feel great! I need to go shopping because my clothes no longer fit properly, which is very exciting. Thank you Barre Fitness!.


The 30 day challenge taught me that anything is possible! I can eat better, I can inspire my girls and I can become a better version of me. Thank you to the staff at Barre for their positive encouragement and to my friends at Barre for sharing this incredible journey.


Thanks to Barre, I lost an entire pants-size. I LITERALLY worked my ass off!! Thanks ladies!