Barre Fitness is proud to sponsor charities or causes as requested by our clients.  100% of proceeds from every Raise The Barre class/event goes towards these organizations. Visit your home studio for more about their featured charity!


Here’s what we’ve accomplished since our opening (August 2010):


$80,000+ donated to charities near and dear to our hearts through our Raise The Barre classes 


$100,000+ worth in Barre Fitness Gift Packs donated to meaningful charities and causes across Vancouver for their fundraising efforts


Over 150,000 and counting … plastic bottles our client’s have saved from landfill sites by using our water bottle filling stations and respecting our no plastic bottles policy!


We are honoured to support these charities, events and individuals that “raise the barre” in our community.

If you would like to suggest or recommend a charity or cause please contact us at info@barrefitness.com.







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