Inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives… one plié at a time!







Staying True to Our Technique

Fads will come and go, but we will maintain our commitment to our proven and effective form of exercise.












In the way we teach our specialized exercise technique and in everything we do, integrity is of paramount importance.












The Domino Effect

We give the very best day in and day out in order to invigorate and make a positive impact in the life of each person that we have contact with each day…knowing that this positive energy is contagious.












Caring About Our Communities

We are committed to dedicating both time and resources in order to benefit the communities in which we serve. It is our purpose to make a noticeable difference in the overall welfare of our communities..










barrepose-visionRespecting the Environment

We believe in developing a sustainable business practice by respecting our natural environment and minimizing our impact.













3girls-visionHaving Fun & Creating Happiness

Because we truly believe that happiness is not a destination…it’s a way of life!