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Barre Classic. *Great for your 1st class*

The original Barre Fitness™ program! A high energy class that emphasizes the foundations of Barre Fitness™, with a strong focus on postural strength, alignment, breath and muscle action. A more basic approach to Barre Fitness™ classes but equally as challenging. Open to all levels. Recommended for new clients.

Barre Fitness. *Great for your 1st class* 

An exceptional one-hour regime of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre. This total body conditioning technique has been intertwined to create an intense workout, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body. The classes are choreographed to the hottest music in a fun, supportive and high-energy environment. Open to all levels.

Barre Cardio.

A total barre conditioning class combining the heart healthy benefits of cardio with the strength and toning of Barre Fitness and finishing with an invigorating stretch.  Open to all levels.

Barre Flow.

A revitalizing and restorative Barre Fitness™ class, using a combination of dynamic and active stretching techniques, and dance conditioning paired with a deep focus on elongation and breath. This class will not only tone the body, it will focus the mind too! Open to all levels.

Barre Xpress.

40-45 minute version of the invigorating Barre Fitness™ workout… for people on the go! Open to all levels. Not recommended for first time clients.

Barre Bootcamp.

An athletic twist on the Barre Fitness™ class. A rigorous routine incorporating elements of traditional barre, sports conditioning and cardio intervals to pump you up! It is recommended that clients take a minimum of 20 open level classes prior to their first Barre Bootcamp class or have a strong dance/fitness background.

Barre Power.

A 75 minute class geared towards clients with a strong understanding of the Barre Fitness technique. A more intense, vigorous and challenging workout both physically and mentally. It is recommended that clients take a minimum of 20 open level classes prior to their first Power Barre class or have a strong dance/fitness background.

Raise the Barre.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Donation! This Barre Fitness class requires a min of $10 donation from all participants. All proceeds will be donated monthly to a charity chosen by our clients! Open to all levels.