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Clearly there's a double meaning this week with the recipe for the game on Sunday, but this bowl can be consumed any day of the week. It's also great cold/as leftovers, so you can make a batch and take some on the go the next day. Farro is great, but if you don't have it on hand, try brown rice. The texture of the farro (when cooked well) is perfect for a fried rice bowl. And if you're looking to spice it up, add your favourite hot sauce!


Make Your Meal Even Healthier Tip:


Most fried rice will suggest adding a fried egg to it, but you can skip it to make it vegan/or if you're not into eggs. If you want to make it more of a dinner meal, rather than a lunch to go, you can think about adding something like tofu, and if you don't have leeks or brussels sprouts on hand (though both are currently in season), add in some different greens like peas or broccoli. Bowls are great for cleaning out that veggie crisper!



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1 Serving (can double/triple etc.)



- 2 tsp olive oil

- 1 tbsp chopped shallot

- 1 clove garlic, minced

- 1 tsp ginger, minced

- ~1 cup farro, cooked

- 1 small leek, thinly sliced (white part)

- 4-5 brussels sprouts, chopped

- 1/2 tsp Braggs (tamari, or other low sodium soy sauce) - may need more

- green onions (1/2 tsp for dish, 1/2 tsp for garnish)

- optional fried egg

- optional lime/lime juice for garnish

- optional hot sauce (to taste)

- (you may sub in veggies as needed/with what you have - peas, broccoli, etc)




Cook farro - Here's a guide on how to. If you're using "Grain" brand, like I did - here's their instructions.



Cook fried egg if using, chop, and let rest.



In a skillet heat 1 tsp of olive oil over medium, add the shallot and cook. Then add the leeks, cooking for a minute or two, followed by the brussels sprouts.


When those are softened, add the garlic, ginger and green onions - adding 1/2 tsp more of olive oil if needed.


Finally add in the farro, and the Braggs to taste. You may need to season with salt & pepper (additionally, a small amount of rice wine vinegar is a good call too, depends how you like your fried rice!).


Place in a bowl, top with optional fried egg, squeeze or lime juice, and/or hot sauce, and serve!




Let us know if you make this recipe by posting it on instagram or twitter and using the #LiveBarreLife hashtag! And if there are any specific meals, fruits, veggies, or meats, you'd like to see on the blog!


photos by: Christine McAvoy


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