NEW Upper Body Workout | Barre Fitness Online Video

One more month left to go in the Back to Barre Fitness In-Studio Challenge! Keep up the great work….   This week we’ve got an EXTENDED upper body workout coming at ya!

Our Upper Body Barre Workout routine will tone your arms and improve your postural muscles, leaving you standing tall and looking firm. This routine uses light weights, we recommend 1-3 lbs. as you will be doing isometric training - small movements and high repetitions within each exercise.

3 Upper Body Barre Workout Tips:

1. AMP IT UP! Combine this workout with our Ultimate Plié Workout for a full body burn-   https://youtu.be/pWo5lccsBB8

2. POSTURE! Stand tall in every position. Use your core muscles to lift and lengthen out of the hips keeping the torso long, the shoulders relaxed and the chest wide.

3. USE YOUR MUSCLES, NOT MOMENTUM!  Keep the pulses small and controlled. Make a strong mindbody connection and contract deep into the muscle, stay focused on the muscles you are working to get the most out of every pulse.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015