New Butt Lifting Workout | Barre Fitness Online Video

Are you ready for a butt kicking, booty lifting FREE Barre Fitness online workout video!

Our Barre Butt Lifting Lower Body Workout routine will lift and tone your booty and target muscles that you didn’t even know you had. This routine uses your own body weight and muscle control to firm up your backside Barre Fitness style!

3 Barre Butt Lifting Lower Body Workout Tips:

1. AMP IT UP! Combine this workout with our Ultimate Plié Workout - https://youtu.be/DOpAF04rnEw

2. ALIGNMENT IS EVERYTHING! Remember to keep your hips in line with one another and use your core muscles to hold you in place.

3. USE YOUR MUSCLES, NOT MOMENTUM! Don’t let the move control you, let your muscles control the move. Make a strong mindbody connection and contract deep into the muscle, focus on your working your booty to get the most out of every pulse.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015
Great butt work out! Thanks.